Even More Words

It is a curious thing,

the way words come knocking at your door

like the cat curled on the couch

that came through the window and stayed

and made you feel like home


This morning I went to the writer’s group I belong to. We meet on the first Wednesday of every month and talk about writing, share ideas and opportunities, and read our pieces to each other. It is a chance to encourage and motivate one another, and offer perspectives on the work, helping us to sharpen and grow our skills. It is a morning I look forward to all month, but today I didn’t feel like going. I have been battling with my writing: with finding time to do it, with trying to get answers from editors, and with the words themselves. Especially with the words. They have not come easily these last few weeks. I always find the process of writing challenging; it’s hard work. This blog takes time to craft, and I often find myself struggling to find the right words to fill the page. I am working on a couple of books and some poetry. My head is full of ideas for more. I am painfully aware of the gap between my imagination and the slow trickle of letters that finds its way into the word documents on my computer.

This morning I showed up at the group because I believe in loyalty and commitment and in being there when you say you will. I’m so glad I did. I sat and listened as the women read: pieces of novels, fragments of poetry. Every time I am stunned by how good their writing is. The beauty of the words settled my heart and reminded me again of why I love to do this. I remembered how full of magic and power words really are, and how much fun it is to play with them. I came home feeling refreshed and eager to work, and full of thanks for this group.

I was reminded too of my need to be part of communities that nurture me in what I do. I get tired even in the pursuit of things I love. Discouragement can so easily set in. But when I take time to be with others who love the same things, and to share in the journey together, I feel renewed and ready to keep going. I realise that my challenges are not unique and that I can be an encouragement to others. Sometimes engaging in this way, over things that matter deeply to me, is hard. I can feel resistance to the vulnerability that comes with involving others in the process. I am learning that this vulnerability is necessary if I am to grow and develop my skills and capacities.


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