Holy Curiosity and a Stumbling Faith



I’m over at Cara Meredith’s blog today, with a post on my journey of faith. Hope you’ll join me there.


One thought on “Holy Curiosity and a Stumbling Faith

  1. Hi Carolyn

    I have just read your piece on the Cara’s blog and thought it was lovely – honest, but also to the point and simply said although it was clear that there were many struggles along the way – it I think was the honesty of the piece that ‘got’ me.

    I tried to do a like and also a comment but couldn’t – it wanted to me to sign in on wordpress with a password etc and I don’t have those things and didn’t feel like setting them up. So sorry about not being able to actively endorse the piece. I find when I go to your blogsite that I can’t navigate my way around it – ie see previous posts and others comments- not sure if I am meant to be able to do that – forgot to ask you about that on Saturday. I was thinking as I read it that you really have become a writer – you have worked hard to earn that title.

    I really liked the description and the photo of you in the bio. Did you write the bio piece or did cara?? Dont mean to be picky but I noticed two mistakes in the bio and it is so unlike you that it made me think it must have been her. Not sure if you can or want to correct them – the one is that it is written in third person and then at one spot changes to first and the other one I think was a singular when it needed to be a plural. .. sorry my mind is a bit scatty but if you read it you will see it easily.

    I just watched a delightful TEdTalk by a guy that writes and illustrates children’s books – I thought of you the whole way through. It is called ‘how a boy became an artist’ Jarrett Krosocska. Funny moving inspiring.

    I so enjoyed Tina Schouw today – she was just as you described her – warm and lovely and down to earth – she hugged me when I arrived and left – and was so light and playful in the way she taught. No singing – just posture, breathing exercises, and playing with sounds. She did everything with me so I never felt too awkward – except for a few times. Interesting what she got me to focus on – so I think like you have learnt so much about yourself through riding – I think I will learn a lot about myself through this singing.

    See you Sunday

    Lots of love



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