Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude.





It was my birthday yesterday. I woke up to two very sleepy teens and a chirpy husband, bearing gifts and wishes. Our boys had been to a local deli and presented me with a box full of homemade chocolates. My husband had bought me Amazon vouchers (more books on my kindle, best gift ever). I left early to make the long drive out to the farm, wanting to spend my morning with the horses. On arrival I was greeted by my friend Mir and her husband, singing Happy Birthday to me. There was more; she had baked me some chocolate, pear and rosemary muffins, topped with icing and a sprinkling of cacao nibs. I hadn’t yet eaten, so I had one there and then. And I have to tell you that a chocolate muffin makes an excellent breakfast. After feeding the horses and doing a few chores, I sat reading while my four legged companions stood around me, their eyes closing for their morning nap. I immersed myself in their stillness. The afternoon was filled with reading, mails and a bit of staring into space (I’m told it’s good for the creative mind…) After supper, my husband and I went down to the beach to watch the sunset and I skipped stones. It was a beautiful day.

I’d started my celebrations on Sunday. We’d spent the afternoon at Kirstenbosch Garden with my folks, my dad’s sister and my mom’s sister and her husband. My mom’s sister and I share a birthday, so there were exchanges of gifts and lots of yummy treats. (My dad had made me a spatula out of beech wood. It is smooth and there are patterns in the grain. It is beautiful.) We topped the day off with the Folk and Acoustic Festival, also happening in the garden.

There were phone calls and whatsapps and more Facebook wishes than I could count, full of emoticons and pretty pictures (and a video of my son’s boss playing me Happy Birthday on a kazoo). To end the day, we watched a funny movie on Box Office, and I laughed a lot.

I went to sleep feeling thankful and very aware that I am surrounded with love and kindness and goodness. It’s all there, all the time and every day, but I often miss it. Yesterday was a moment to pause and cherish all the connections in which I am held and cared for. To all of you, my thanks and appreciation for being part of that.




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