Events and Courses


Here is sampling of work from two of the workshop participants. All of the pieces were written in a short period of time, in response to a prompt. I really enjoyed working with these young ladies.

His workshop is a complete mess; the countertops are splatted with chemicals of various colours and parts are even beginning to dissolve due to some of these various chemicals reacting to each other. It’s absolute chaos.

     “Ah Carter! There you are! I was beginning to wonder if you were even coming.”

I spotted the professor emerging from behind some glass vials that were filled with bubbling substances that spewed smoke into the room. 

     “Sorry sir, I was held up at the…”

     “Doesn’t that irritate you?”

     “I’m sorry? Does what irritate me?”

     “Your sleeves. One seems to be longer than the other or perhaps the one that seems longer is not the odd sleeve, but the one that is shorter is the one of an odd length. Would drive me crazy. Just looking at them drives me crazy.”

This confused me as his sleeves were indeed odd lengths.

     “Go fetch the mop. It’s time for some spring cleaning,” he announced abruptly.

This confused me even more. Since when did the professor clean? I clearly remember he didn’t last year, or the year before, or the year before that. I didn’t even know he knew what cleaning was.

Alessia Delmistro


His hands lightly cupped her face, the tears in her eyes breaking him. Emotions. there wasn’t a time when Romanoave couldn’t remember feeling anger or fear, but for now all he felt was peace. Like the final piece of a puzzle left incomplete had finally been found.

     “You make me feel human,” he whispered.

Leaning forward, he rested his head against hers, he savoured this moment, no matter how short. He felt peace.


Luna had seen this man before, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t place his name. He was tense, as if sensing her eyes on him.

She looked down at her now finished cup of coffee…throwing the amount due on the table, she dashed out the door frantically searching for any sign of the man. Finally she spotted him, his long coat flowing behind him as he gracefully navigated himself through the swarming street, soon disappearing from sight. Annoyed and slightly disgruntled she turned around and walked away, her mind a buzz of adrenaline and confusion. Luna left, silently willing her mind to calm down.

Paityn Moller