O the sun comes up-up-up in the opening


sky(the all the

any merry every pretty each


bird sings birds sing

gay-be-gay because today’s today)the

romp cries i and the me purrs


you and the gentle

who-horns says-does moo-woo

(the prance with the 

three white its stimpstamps)


the grintgrunt wugglewiggle

champychumpchomps yes

the speckled strut begins to stretch and 



and scritch(while

the no-she-yes-he fluffies tittle

tattle did-he-does-she)& the


ree ray rye roh

rowster shouts





I couldn’t resist sharing this with you today. It’s a beautiful spring day outside and this poem seemed a perfect way to express the energy and promise of the season. Try saying it out loud (perhaps to a young child). Whoop and dance, and let that inner child have a moment to surprise you.

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