This Week’s Prompt


Have you heard the term “a beautiful question”? David Whyte talks a lot about beautiful questions, the kind we need to spend time asking ourselves if we intend to grow and move into new seasons in our lives. (There is a copy of the poem Sometimes on the website referenced above, that refers to these questions.) My prompt for this month is to challenge you to think of two or three beautiful questions that you would like to ask of yourself. (Or perhaps you have questions for God, or someone else in your life.)

Spend time writing about them. You could do a freewrite or make a poem. Perhaps you want to write a letter to yourself or to someone else, perhaps even to your younger or older self. The point is to engage with the questions. It’s so easy to let ourselves become distracted by all sorts of things, as a way of avoiding the deeper conversation that is happening below the surface of life. Dive in; you may be surprised at the answers you find.