This Month’s Prompt


For this month’s writing activity, I’d like you to take a look at this month’s poem. David Whyte employs beautiful imagery to communicate the joy of encountering hidden longings. Take a piece of blank paper and write the word longings in the middle of it. Now jot down any words (or groups of words) that come to mind. Write them anywhere you like on the page. Have a look at what you’ve written and choose five of the words. For each one, write a sentence. For example, if one of your words is rest, your sentence could be: I find rest when I am working at something I love. Now expand on one or two of those sentences. Write a paragraph or even a whole page. This is not an exercise designed to produce a perfectly crafted piece. It’s an opportunity to think about what you long for, and about why it is (or is not) a part of your life. You may want to consider practical ways to incorporate these longings into your life. Enjoy!