This Month’s Prompt


In this month’s post, I talk about taking leaps, sailing away from the safe shoreline, and the value of unpredictable moments. In the post, I reference a poem by Mary Oliver that speaks to this kind of unpredictability. Here it is:

If I Wanted a Boat

I would want a boat, if I wanted a

boat, that bounded hard on the waves,

that didn’t know starboard from port

and wouldn’t learn, that welcomed

dolphins and headed straight for the

whales, that, when rocks were close,

would slide in for a touch or two,

that wouldn’t keep land in sight and

went fast, that leaped into the spray.

What kind of life is it always to plan

and do, to promise and finish, to wish

for the near and the safe? Yes, by the 

heavens, if I wanted a boat I would want

a boat I couldn’t steer.

Mary Oliver

Here’s this month’s prompt: make a list of three things you want to do but are unsure of. Now write about them. You could do a freewrite, or make up a story (why not try a piece of flash fiction?) Perhaps you want to make a list of pro’s and cons. Whatever you do, take some time to think about it. What small step could you take? Remember, everything starts with that one small step…